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Games at MPL

Casual Games

Worked on the design and production of 20+ games for the MPL Platform

Developed during my time at Memesys Culture Lab, Shasn is a Political Strategy board game where players take on the role of politicians in the midst of a heated political campaign.

Serious Game

A Year 3 semester end project, made by a team of 4 people tackling the subject, "harassment of women in India.

Past Time Adventures

A Game for Kids!

Our year 3 End of Year  Project. We set out with our band of 7 with the intention of creating a game that was fun, immersive and educational for children between the ages of 6-10.



A Year 2 semester end project, made by a team of 6 people trying our hand at the Metroidvania genre to deliver a compelling story and a fun experience.

Turn-Based Strategy

A week long project with a team of 4 aimed at creating a local multiplayer turn based strategy game with characters having defied roles, unique abilities and interactions.


A 3 day project developed for Bar Sk #beersk Game Jam aiming to create quick and fun multiplayer experience with only two input buttons.


A 2 day project developed for's Weekly Game Jam themed "Bees" aimed at creating awareness about the need to save the bees.


A month long project created with the intention of depicting the constant struggle a person with depression or mental illness has to undergo on a daily basis. The inner workings of the mind and thought process of the character have been depicted through the environment and surroundings.

Point & Click

Developed in a day by a team of 4, Klaustrophibia showcases the struggles of claustrophobia and social anxiety, befitting the game jam theme, "a small world."

Tower Defense

A Year 1 semester end project, made by a team of 5 people about bringing together all the elemental villages in-order to defend against the common enemy.

Hidden Object

A week long project developed by a team of 5 with the intention of providing players with a great hidden object game experience along with and immersive story.

Board Game

Developed by a team of four in 2 weeks time, The Gates of Fotia is a fun party game with emphasis on Resource Management and Strategy. Overseen and approved by Claude Amardeil, Board Game Designer and Publisher, Fun Forge, France.

Rhythm Platformer

Developed for a two day game jam by a team of three for the theme "flow".

Point and Click Adventure

A claymation point and click adventure game filled with ironic humor, quips and pop culture references developed by a team of sixteen in one weeks time.

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Thought Process

Comparative Analysis

Five Night's at Freddy's / Deadly Premonition 

Level Design Analysis

Super Mario Bros.

Gamification Study


Luck vs Skill


Feature Pitch

Dota 2

Comparative Analysis

Sunless Sea / Sid Meier's Pirates

Comparative Study

Dungeon Master / Child of Light

Game Analysis

Star Realms

Puzzle Game Design


Design Document

Hell O' Express

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