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The imminent

Genre:                             Tower Defense
Target Audience:                                8+
Platform(s):                                        PC
Engine:                                       Stencyl
Tools Used:                 Excel, Photoshop                                        Word, Perforce                                              Premier Pro
Role(s):                           Game Designer
Project Duration:                     3 Months
 The Elders of The Sacred villages of Taino have predicted an attack from the Spanish forces, who possess modern machinery and weapons. The village of Taino who possess a magic and sorcery based culture aren’t prepared for such an attack. Being divided into four villages who worship different gods and do not even interact with each other does not help their cause. 
The attacks will come in different waves, under different levels. Each of the villages have their own culture, traditions and fighting/defending style. Can the villages of Taino defend themselves? Or will they surrender to the Spanish who threaten to take away their freedom, their livelihood and most importantly, their homeland.
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